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Colts draft WR Gonzalez

April 28, 2007

Well folks, we talked about it just days ago and it happened. The Colts took a wideout with their first round pick. I suppose the attitude is that our offense writes the checks for the team, so you have to make a deposit. We haven’t drafted a WR since Reggie Wayne. I fear this means that we are only 3 years away from saying good bye to #88. I hope it isn’t so, but he’ll be 37 and making a crap load of money. It took Reggie Wayne 3 years to develop as a real #1. Gonzalez now has the luxury to develop slowly.

This also makes our offense utterly unstoppable and allows Dallas Clark to line up as a TE where he can do the most damage. I predict that all the rest of the picks will be spent on defense.

Of course, no sooner do I type that than the Colts trade up in order to draft an OT from Arkansas. This definitely has to be a signal that the Terrik Glenn era is coming to end after this year. They gave up a 4th round pick this year (they had 3) and a first rounder next year. This trade will anger some Colts fans, but it makes sense. They gave up the 30-32nd pick next year for the 42nd pick this year. If Ugoh becomes a solid starting lineman, it’s a great deal. If he doesn’t, then it’s bad. Basically, it gives them support at the all important tackle position without costing this year’s draft. Not a bad idea.

Demond Sanders comments: Yeah, so I was one of the fans who “lost it” when hearing we gave up a first rounder next year for this guy. But, as usual, after a few minutes I quickly remember that Polian knows what he’s doing – that goes for drafting Gonzalez as well. If all goes well the Colts will have only given up the 32nd pick in next year’s draft and a fourth rounder this year. And from the few highlights they showed of Ugoh, he looks like a beast who moves people around in the running game. If anyone saw Arkansas play last year they saw how aggressive that offense was.

Remember: the Colts have seven more picks in this draft (gotta love the compensatory picks). As we said this past week – the team starts with the offense and goes from there. Protect Peyton, give him weapons, and run the football. I think the offense is set now (I can’t think of any holes left except maybe backup RB or FB) so Polian and company can commence trying to fix the run defense. Good luck guys!