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"just got to move on"

July 25, 2007

The shock has worn off, and a few days later Tarik Glenn’s retirement has been formalized. It is kind of sad, and still a little shocking to see #78 leave this way. I do feel better knowing that this is a decision he is making out of his respect for the team and the game. When you’re done, you’re done. According to Mr. Glenn:

“Hearing people talk and players asking me to reconsider and reminding me of some of the things and what I mean to this team, it hurts. It really hurts. But I’m real convinced this is what I should do.”

I will reiterate what I believe is one of the most refreshing things about this era of the Indianapolis Colts: the players don’t mess around or play head games. Tarik isn’t using a ploy or acting out because Freeney got paid. He’s just done. Good Luck Tarik and thanks for keeping our boy clean all these years.


More on Glenn’s Impact

July 22, 2007

It is starting to sink in now that I have seen the retirement story announced on SportsCenter. The article on refers to the fact that Tarik Glenn had only missed 6 games in his career due to injury (all in 2003) so I figured I take a look at those games.

The Colts went 3-3 in these games (they were 12-4 on the season), which included the classic 38-34 loss to New England at the Dome. The good news is they still averaged 27 points per game during this stretch. According to his bio: Makoa Freitas replaced the injured Glenn vs. Carolina after 101 consecutive starts by Glenn and thus became the first Colts player other than Adam Meadows (1997) and Glenn to man that position in seven seasons.

Boy does that ever make a statement about Glenn’s value. As far as I can tell Makoa is no longer in the league. . .

Deshawn Zombie’s comments: I blame Manning. Why did he have to take Glenn to Cleveland? It obviously sucked out his will to live. Freaking Cleveland. You ruin everything.

Tarik Glenn. . . not an a-hole

June 14, 2007

Good to hear that Glenn, like Dwight Freeney, is handling his contract negotiations like a multi-millionaire who has nothing to prove. Unlike say. . . Asante Samuel. Seriously, these guys realize they signed a contract and are getting paid to play a game right?

I respect how the Colts players largely behave like adults and business professionals. If you look back over the past ten years you have to be impressed with how these guys have handled the business side of things, especially considering how cut-throat the Colts overall personnel strategy can appear at times (it is the NFL after all). Or maybe it is just the rare, but over-publicized jerk who can take the huge payday the franchise tag provides and manage to complain about it.