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A closer look at Super Bowl memorabilia

April 15, 2007

1. Authentic (?) Reebok Super Bowl jerseys:

Are these for real? Who knows?

The ebay member bullshui (based out of China) has some absolutely insane deals. 2 Super Bowl jerseys for $75 bucks (less than the cost of 1 jersey at retail price). Yeah, his jerseys may not be legit, but mine sure looks and feels real (it has all the reebok tags, holograms, and patches so there’s really no way of knowing for certain).

2. Colts Super Bowl Bobbleheads. These are available on ebay and elsewhere. There are ten of them in total. Although one of those is the mascot, Blue. On a side note does it bother anyone else that Blue gets commemorated like he’s been around forever? He’s a total band-wagon punk. You can get the whole set for around $100 or a little more.

3. The SI championship package. I swore to myself that if a team I rooted for ever won a championship I was going to order the “official SI package” that you get when you subscribe to SI. Totally not worth it, but when you’ve been making the same promise for 17 years you kind of feel obliagated to go through with it. $99 gets you the NFL films DVD, the comemmorative book, the championship football, and a year of SI. Actually I guess its not that bad of a deal if you like SI. I’ve never been a big fan, but its a decent read.

4. The NFL films DVD: I had to go to Target to buy this because SI took forever in getting this to me. It is a game by game review of the season. The disc spends about two minutes on each game. Each playoff game gets about five minutes with the Super Bowl getting about ten minutes dedicated to it. Obviously it is a must own for the unique camera work and sound bytes, but overall it is a bit underwhelming. Apparently NFL films releases an ultimate edition with much more coverage later on in the year, at least thats what they did with SB XL.

5. Other things I have purchased or talked about purchasing: Super Bowl pennants, Super Bowl hats, Super Bowl bibs, Indianapolis Star special editions, Super Bowl replica rings (we hope to own one of these some day), copies of SI from all the playoffs games.

6. The absolute best Super Bowl gear: The broadcasts themselves on DVD. If these Colts games are anything like the 1987 IU Hoosiers championship then we will watch them several times a year for eternity. These discs will wear out before our interest does.

Best SB gear, Honorable mention: Deshawn figured out how to get free copies of the complete Bob Lamey radio broadcasts of the AFC championship game and the Super Bowl. Absolutely a must listen! (he made a post about it back in February for those interested)