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Rob Morris-Classic Colt

March 6, 2007

I realize that the resigning of Rob Morris isn’t earth shattering, but it’s still somewhat gratifying. Certain players over the years have become ‘Classic Colts’ in Indianapolis. Usually, these guys are not huge stars. Peyton, Marvin, Edge, Glenn, Wayne don’t qualify. They are great players. We love them (and dedicated this blog to two of them). But when we talk about classic Colts we mean guys that are solid players with the club for many years.
Rob Morris has managed to redeem his career from being a bust to being a solid guy who did what was need. He’s in the mold of a Jason Belser or Jimmy Harbaugh. The Colts never used to have superstars (apart from Dickerson and Faulk), but they always had a player or two who hung around for awhile and the crowd pulled for. Rob Morris has entered that category.
After resigning on the cheap a couple of years ago and becoming a solid special teams player, he stepped in to help stabilize the team after the crippling performance of one of the worst Colts of all time…Gilbert Gardner. We here at 18 to 88 are pleased to welcome Morris back for a few more years of special teams gunning and filling in the gaps.