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Brady to throw 40 touchdowns, save the world

May 4, 2007

John Clayton likes the Gonzalez pick. He sees the potential for an unstoppable offense.

Unfortunately he expects the same thing out of the Patriots. “Given Brady’s accuracy, it’s not out of the question for Brady to approach a 40-touchdown pass season and compete with Manning for passing records.”

That’s great John, but how about we aim for 30 touchdowns first, seeing as how Brady’s never thrown that many in his entire career? Personally, I think Brady will throw about 25 touchdowns (because he always does) and he will fall in love with Wes Welker. His new slot receiver will end up with about 85 catches, dwarfing the production of Moss and Stallworth.

How will Peyton do next year? Well, let’s just say he averages 30.5 scores a year over his career.


No one works harder…

March 21, 2007

From America’s finest news source…

Didn’t even feel like the same season…

March 14, 2007

I have been watching games from earlier in the 2006 season for the last few days. I watched the Jets and Broncos games because they represented two of 18’s finest performances. Here’s some random things that occured to me:

1. Nick Harper was hurt A LOT this year. I was surprised by how much Kevin Hayden played. Harper was out for large chunks of the Jets game, and limped off briefly in the Denver game. His strength was that he was a solid open field tackler in the run game. Considering that he was not available for the AFC Championship nor for the Super Bowl (ok, he limped through part of the first half of both), I’m not torn up by losing him. If you don’t think Peyton is happy to torch him twice a year, you’re nuts. I think that there is a reason that in a weak FA market where even mediocre players get huge money that June and Harper were left for the end.

2. Gilbert Gardner was WORSE than I remembered (and I already called him one of the worst Colts ever on this blog). Against Denver, he came in UNBLOCKED and hit Mike Bell at full speed. Didn’t wrap him up, Bel left cleat marks on his face and scored from 11 yards out. PATHETIC. On Bell’s HUGE run for like 50 yards to set up Denver’s tying figgie, Gardner inexplicably ran away from the gap (he did that all year), sprinting almost horizontally to the sideline. They ran right at where he had been. He tried to reverse field, but by then he was pancaked. Garnder spent the whole freaking year overrunning plays and not staying in his gap.

3. The Colts used Fletcher a LOT more than I realized in both those games. He caught a big TD against the Jets (on a freaky amazing play by 18), and caught 2 straight first downs on the winning 2 minute drive. He has a knack for making big catches.

4. Winning a Super Bowl changes EVERYTHING. I swear, watching those games felt like something out of 2004 or 5. Next year will be totally different. No agnst. Just excitement. I can’t wait.

5. Cato June made not one play that came to mind in either game. Just saying.

6. The visible difference between Addai and Rhodes was startiling. It seemed like everytime Joe Addai had the ball, it was a sweet 5 yard run. Dom was repeatedly getting blasted for losses. Like I said, I’m happy for Dom that he got paid, but friends…we aren’t going to miss him.

Manning to host Saturday Night Live

March 1, 2007

Peyton Manning at a recent autograph signing: “I am a little bit nervous. I am going to host on March 24th, my birthday, I am going to host Saturday Night Live.”

The complete history of the Colts DVD

February 25, 2007

I watched a large chunk of the NFL Films DVD “The Complete History of the Colts” last night. There is one disc for the Baltimore era and one disc for the Indianapolis era. NFL Films rules in general and this DVD is no different.

Highlights include:

a) A detailed look at the MNF Rams game from 2005 in which the Colts came from behind to destroy the Rams. Manning was mic’ed up for the game which offered several insightful and hilarious moments: Before the game Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore tells Peyton “I’ll give you my play ideas and you do with them what you want, okay? Just do whatever the hell you want.” Tom Moore and qb coach Jim Caldwell may have the best jobs in professional sports. I’m not sure I’d be rushing off to be a headcoach when your players are out there making you look like a genius every week. Later, with the game in hand, Peyton is seen singing “Let’s Get it On” along with the RCA dome speakers.

b) A look at the Tampa Bay MNF game in which the Colts trailed 35-14 with four minutes remaining. This might be the defining regular season game of the Manning era in Indianapolis.

c) A brief history of the Colts in Indy. Its crazy to think that for nearly ten years Colts fans have gone into every single game expecting to win. That doesn’t get old, especially when you look back at some of the bad teams and questionable personel decisions that were made leading up to the hiring of Bill Polian in 1998.

The only downside of the DVD is that it ends with the ’06 playoff loss to the Steelers. Although in some respects its kind of cool knowing that this is the last NFL Films highlights disc that won’t include the XLI victory.

Welcome to my blog

February 22, 2007

This is a blog about your Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts and other important things.

People, facts and ideas that will be referenced frequently in this blog:

a) Peyton Manning is the greatest qb of all time.

b) Marvin Harrison is the second greatest reciever of all time.

c) Indiana Hoosier basketball

d) Indiana Pacer basketball

e) General disdain for Tom Brady, the San Diego Chargers, Vince Young, and . . .

f) the Jacksonville Jaguars, (inept team, hilarious fans, i just hope they stay in Jax so the humor never ends)

I don’t know how often this blog will be updated, but I will try to post things as they come to me, but probably not after any Colts’ loss. In fact this blog’s life will largely depend on Peyton and the Colts winning the Super Bowl every year until #18’s retirement.