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Pacers draft Jerryd Bayless with #11

June 27, 2008

Simmons and Ford agree: This is a steal.

DZ Comments: Too bad they immediately traded him.


Carlisle is out as Pacers head coach

April 25, 2007

I suppose we have to make mention of it, but honestly, does anyone even watch that league anymore. This mess wasn’t Rick’s fault, but he didn’t exactly seem to be helping matters much anyway. It’s just so hard to care.

Demond Sanders comments: Just wait until the Atlanta Hawks use the 11th pick in the draft (you know the one the Pacers gave them in exchange for Al Harrington) on local favorite, all-world point guard, Mike Conley Junior. I hope this happens if only to see how quickly fan apathy can turn into violent rage.

The Baltimore Clap?

April 16, 2007

Is the Baltimore Clap some WNBA franchise you’ve never heard of? Or maybe a third rate newspaper in Maryland? Nope, neither. It is the answer to the question “How do you fix the Indiana Pacers?” As originally suggested by a sports-talk caller on ESPN950, we should send the Pacers to Baltimore (in Mayflower moving vans). At this point I think the Simons could even do it in the middle of the day without getting much of a fight from local citizens.

This would take care of two problems:

1) The Indiana Pacers
2) We would never again have to hear Baltimore fans whine about how we stole their team 25 years ago. (Wishful thinking)

THIS JUST IN: An anonymous source informs me that Jason Whitlock of the KC Star was on Oprah today weighing in further about Imus.

Pacers Rant (ESPN’s 2007 Franchise Rankings Released)

March 28, 2007

In May of 2004 I swore an oath to never watch the NBA again. The Pacers are my favorite team. It is hard to describe what a huge swing it has been to watch them go from Indiana’s favorite team (on any level) to a laughingstock. For years Reggie Miller and Donnie Walsh worked side by side (along with many other key figures) to make the Pacers the most consistent team in the NBA and one of the most watchable. I rarely missed watching them on tv. Most seasons I would watch about 60 of their games, 2 or 3 in person. I saved most of my money to see them in the playoffs. I’ve probably been to 20 Pacers playoff games over the years including Game 6 in 1998 vs. MJ and the Bulls and Game 4 vs. Kobe and the Lakers. I’ve seen them destroy AI and the Sixers many times. I’ve seen them beat the Knicks (the ultimate thrill). I was there the final home game when they finally broke through to the finals (the actual clinching game was on the road in MSG fittingly). I was holding a “Super Reggie” sign the night Reggie and Jalen Rose put up 40 a piece to beat the Sixers in 2000. I was there in 2004 when Reggie got blocked by Tayshaun Prince in the deciding play of the series.

Following the horrible officiating that I witnessed in that Pistons series in 2004 I swore I would never watch the Pacers play again because of what David Stern had allowed. I threw a classic sports fit that only my wife could really describe. That was the year that defense ruled the NBA and the average scores in the playoffs were in the low 80s. Terrible to watch, especially when you lose because you get mugged on every offensive play. I could go on and on.

The irony here is that I didn’t quit watching. I should have, but I didn’t immediately. It took awhile. Early the next season the brawl in Detroit occurred and the Pacers began their three year downward spiral. No one remembers how good they were in 2004. Reggie is gone and the team is trashed. I say all of this because only 5 years ago the Pacers topped every fan poll (specifically the one the Indianapolis Star did every year which showed who the favorite team in the state was). The Colts for years struggled to pull in more than about 10% of the vote even in the fantastic-to-watch early Manning years. It actually kind of pissed me off because I was a huge Colts fan as well. Basketball really is everything in Indiana. Or was. The good news is that in-state college basketball is getting ready for another heyday.

Take a look at these fan rankings from ESPN.