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The complete history of the Colts DVD

February 25, 2007

I watched a large chunk of the NFL Films DVD “The Complete History of the Colts” last night. There is one disc for the Baltimore era and one disc for the Indianapolis era. NFL Films rules in general and this DVD is no different.

Highlights include:

a) A detailed look at the MNF Rams game from 2005 in which the Colts came from behind to destroy the Rams. Manning was mic’ed up for the game which offered several insightful and hilarious moments: Before the game Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore tells Peyton “I’ll give you my play ideas and you do with them what you want, okay? Just do whatever the hell you want.” Tom Moore and qb coach Jim Caldwell may have the best jobs in professional sports. I’m not sure I’d be rushing off to be a headcoach when your players are out there making you look like a genius every week. Later, with the game in hand, Peyton is seen singing “Let’s Get it On” along with the RCA dome speakers.

b) A look at the Tampa Bay MNF game in which the Colts trailed 35-14 with four minutes remaining. This might be the defining regular season game of the Manning era in Indianapolis.

c) A brief history of the Colts in Indy. Its crazy to think that for nearly ten years Colts fans have gone into every single game expecting to win. That doesn’t get old, especially when you look back at some of the bad teams and questionable personel decisions that were made leading up to the hiring of Bill Polian in 1998.

The only downside of the DVD is that it ends with the ’06 playoff loss to the Steelers. Although in some respects its kind of cool knowing that this is the last NFL Films highlights disc that won’t include the XLI victory.