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Good Commentary by ESPN’s Michael Smith

March 20, 2007

If you have ESPN’s Insider, check out the Sports Bash interview with NFL insider Michael Smith. He does an excellent job analyzing the Colts performance in free agency.

ESPN insider is freaking expensive (about 50 for the year), but comepletely worth it. Combined with the ESPN toolbar, you can have instant access to a ton of info about your favorite teams, as soon as it’s available online. They do a nice job podcasting the key segments of their radio show throughout the day, so that when people are talking about the Horseshoe, you can hear it without having to weed through hours of pointless banter about T.O. or Tom Brady’s illegitmate children.


Nice Trick…

February 24, 2007

I’ve read on several Colts message boards that people were curious as to how to get MP3 versions for the game audio for the Super Bowl or the AFC playoffs. My solution was to subscribe to the NFL field pass free for one week (Don’t forget to cancel the subscription at the end of the week!!!). Then I used my MP3 recorder to record the game as it played. It worked great, and now I have Bob and Grandpa Ted calling the greatest sport moment in Indianapolis history (that didn’t involve 4 wheels and a motor at least). If anyone wants a copy of the MP3, leave a comment and how to get in touch with you and maybe we can work something out. I did both that Pats game (aka the day Tom Brady started his inevitable slide toward irrelevancy) and the Superbowl.