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Pete Prisco’s Colts Free Agency Primer

March 23, 2007

Pete Prisco of spells out what we’ve been saying once a week since we started this blog. This is a great summary of why the Colts are not in dire straights despite what the Patriot-loving media would have you believe. Thanks for doing our job for us Pete. On a side note, I’m glad the Colts finally paid Prisco back by finally winning it all after he picked them for five years running.

Of course Bill Polian’s strategy depends on the Colts having a great draft. Which they usually do.


Colts re-sign Gardner, Lilja and Klecko

March 21, 2007

The Indianapolis Star reports the following:

The Indianapolis Colts re-signed two restricted free agents and have agreed to terms with one of their unrestricted free agents. Guard Ryan Lilja has signed his one-year, $1.3 million contract while linebacker Gilbert Gardner has signed a one-year, $850,000 contract. Both players had been issued one-year tenders as restricted free agents.Meanwhile, defensive tackle Dan Klecko, one of the team’s unrestricted free agents, has agreed to a one-year contract, according to his agent, Paul Sheehy. Financial terms were not available, but Sheehy said the deal included “significant guarantees.’’

Klecko and Lilja coming back is good. Hey, they couldn’t lose everyone on the team, right? Gilbert “the pride of Purdue University” Gardner, on the other hand, strikes fear in the heart of the true Colts fan.

Greg Rakestraw from ESPN950’s SportsDesk in Indianapolis pointed out that the contract is not guaranteed (obviously) and perhaps the Colts plan on making Gilbert Gardner their Weakside Linebacker (his original position with the team, a spot where he played well in 2005). In theory Rakestraw’s point makes sense, but do we really want to see Gardner take on a role that requires more responsibility and more *GASP* tackling? It is probably a risk worth taking because the contract is small and the need for LBs is great.

It would be kind of hilarious if at the end of the season we are talking about Gilbert for Comeback Player of the Year. Nawwwwww, not possible.

June to Tampa Bay or "Mr. Derrick Brooks he ain’t"

March 17, 2007

Cato June has signed a 3-year, 12 million dollar deal with the Bucs. Not much to say about this other than that this may prove to be the most costly subtraction for the Colts during free agency. Free agency has gone exactly as most analysts, including us, have predicted. This development raises the liklihood that we will hear about a massive new contract for Dwight Freeney sometime in the next couple of weeks. Losing Edge, Harper, Rhodes and June has to be worth something right? And let’s face it you don’t want to go into a football season with no guarantees past this year, especially when you play in the trenches like Freeney. One nasty slip, roll, or fall and your career is over.

I think Polian has a tremendous amount of respect for what Freeney and Mathis does to the opposing team’s gameplans. The question is will teams ever try to beat the Colts through the air again? We may be in for more of the same “run, run and run” gameplans in 2007, but we’ll see how the draft goes for the horseshoe.

Pats sign LB Adalius Thomas

March 3, 2007

The Patriots made a big splash in free agency today by signing former Baltimore Raven Adalius Thomas. Thomas will turn 30 this summer before ever playing a down for his new team. Thomas is older than 45 of the 53 players on the Indianapolis Colts roster.

As we all know the way to improve in the NFL is to sign aging veteran players with huge price tags. They also signed 35 year old Jaguar TE Kyle Brady and RB Sammy Morris who turns 30 this month. Congratulations to New England! One more free agent and you’re officially the Redskins.

Updated: Ron Borges from the Boston Globe seems to agree: