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June to Tampa Bay or "Mr. Derrick Brooks he ain’t"

March 17, 2007

Cato June has signed a 3-year, 12 million dollar deal with the Bucs. Not much to say about this other than that this may prove to be the most costly subtraction for the Colts during free agency. Free agency has gone exactly as most analysts, including us, have predicted. This development raises the liklihood that we will hear about a massive new contract for Dwight Freeney sometime in the next couple of weeks. Losing Edge, Harper, Rhodes and June has to be worth something right? And let’s face it you don’t want to go into a football season with no guarantees past this year, especially when you play in the trenches like Freeney. One nasty slip, roll, or fall and your career is over.

I think Polian has a tremendous amount of respect for what Freeney and Mathis does to the opposing team’s gameplans. The question is will teams ever try to beat the Colts through the air again? We may be in for more of the same “run, run and run” gameplans in 2007, but we’ll see how the draft goes for the horseshoe.


Welcome to my blog

February 22, 2007

This is a blog about your Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts and other important things.

People, facts and ideas that will be referenced frequently in this blog:

a) Peyton Manning is the greatest qb of all time.

b) Marvin Harrison is the second greatest reciever of all time.

c) Indiana Hoosier basketball

d) Indiana Pacer basketball

e) General disdain for Tom Brady, the San Diego Chargers, Vince Young, and . . .

f) the Jacksonville Jaguars, (inept team, hilarious fans, i just hope they stay in Jax so the humor never ends)

I don’t know how often this blog will be updated, but I will try to post things as they come to me, but probably not after any Colts’ loss. In fact this blog’s life will largely depend on Peyton and the Colts winning the Super Bowl every year until #18’s retirement.