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Tourney Time or "Its only 7:00 pm out west"

March 15, 2007

I woke up this morning singing the following chant “It’s tourney time, tourney time, tourney time, tourney time…” These four days rule, and they are even better when your team is still alive.

On a related note: I think everyone probably has those weird dreams where, even if you have long since graduated, you think you are still in school and you are supposed to take an exam but you don’t even know where you classroom is. I wonder if Indiana AD Rick Greenspan has reoccuring dreams where it’s 10:15 pm and he’s late for a tournament game in San Jose. Or it’s 9:55 pm on a Thursday and his team is supposed to be playing in Sacremento but he can’t find Arco Arena.

Who schedules this crap? Can the NCAA just get it over with and switch the Hoosiers to the PAC-10.

The pick: Texas A & M, mainly because I have rooting interests against most of the other top seeds. They played a wicked schedule and lost a lot of 2 point games. I don’t know if they will win it all, but I see them in the Final Four.