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The Baltimore Clap?

April 16, 2007

Is the Baltimore Clap some WNBA franchise you’ve never heard of? Or maybe a third rate newspaper in Maryland? Nope, neither. It is the answer to the question “How do you fix the Indiana Pacers?” As originally suggested by a sports-talk caller on ESPN950, we should send the Pacers to Baltimore (in Mayflower moving vans). At this point I think the Simons could even do it in the middle of the day without getting much of a fight from local citizens.

This would take care of two problems:

1) The Indiana Pacers
2) We would never again have to hear Baltimore fans whine about how we stole their team 25 years ago. (Wishful thinking)

THIS JUST IN: An anonymous source informs me that Jason Whitlock of the KC Star was on Oprah today weighing in further about Imus.