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SI ranks the all time "Impact Rookies of the NFL"

April 17, 2007

Really strange list. Vince Young is featured despite his team failing to make the playoffs. I love when the media throws out the line “Numbers don’t properly reflect his impact on the game.” Yeah, the guy made some big plays with his feet, but you can’t ignore the fact that he threw more picks than touchdowns, and fumbled 12 times. As Merrill Hoge recently pointed out, Travis Henry was the real difference maker on the Titans in 2006.

I guess I wouldn’t argue Young’s place on this list if they had bothered to include Joseph Addai. He had over 1000 yards rushing in the regular season (averaging 4.5 yds per carry), he racked up 22 receptions in the playoffs alone (leading the field), and most importantly Addai was arguably the deciding factor in a championship run.