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New Classic Colt

September 29, 2007

If you check out the main site, you know that we try to honor some of the great Colts that never quite got their due in our Classic Colts section. A few days ago we received a very worthy nomination from 18to88 reader, Sam. He suggested we add Jeff Herrod who was a fixture on the team for 10 seasons. We heartily agreed, and he has been added.

We try to only add retired players, with one exception. It was Rob Morris (btw: he should play tomorrow) resigning with the Colts this offseason that originally gave us the idea of a Classic Colt: the guy who isn’t going into the ring of honor, but was a great contributor and key player for many years. As always if you have a nominee, you can write us at


Getting what’s coming to them

September 29, 2007

Apparently some Jets fans want blood. They are suing the Patriots organization for staging 8 fraudulent games between the Jets and Pats in New Jersey since Belichick became head coach. Evidently, the men behind the suit are serious lawyers and think they have a case. Good luck guys. . . you’re gonna need it.

Demond and I were fighting about Bill Simmons tonight. He’s sick of him. He’s tired of the “greatest team ever” crap and the schlock about no other team having a chance. Me, I find it all way too amusing. Patriots fans are all in a lather because of three blowouts over bad teams? Weren’t they the ones mocking us for the same crap just two and three years ago? When they get their heads handed to them this January, it’ll be all the more hilarious because it’s so utterly predictable. They won’t be ready to play when the time comes. When a defense who actually hits plays them and Randy Moss starts limping around and Brady has to throw something beside a basic lob pass, and they get their asses drilled, we’ll be laughing and saying, “I told you so.” So no, Simmons doesn’t bother me. Not even a little. I’m counting the days until he has to write the inevitable, “Why didn’t I see it coming?” column.

And yes, we’ll be sure to link it.

Important Announcement

September 29, 2007

Okay, I’m using the word “important” loosely, but I wanted to let everyone know that I will no longer be reading or commenting on Bill Simmon’s weekly NFL Picks column.

I had softened on Simmons over the course of the last year. You see, all Colts fans were waiting for the day when Simmons would have to write his “I was wrong. I’m a huge loser and Peyton Manning CAN win the big game” column. Of course, he was forced to write the column in January and it was everything we dreamed it would be. Simmons and his fanaticism couldn’t bother us anymore.

But I’m back to my original stance on Simmons: The guy’s an idiot. Enjoy your weekend and remember that we’re all blessed to be watching the “greatest team in 15 years,” the New England Patriots.

I’m sorry if I’m turning this blog into another I Hate the New England Patriots, but let’s face it you can’t ever have too many of those.

A stunted trip around the web

September 28, 2007

My internet service has been in and out all day long, so I’ll do my best to share the links I’ve got, but man, it’s been hard to get them.

People are waking up to the fact that the Colts are indeed, not dead just because Tarik Glenn retired.

Don Banks says the AFC South is better than ever.

Damon Hack writes a nice piece on the Colts drive for a second title. This is a great piece that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

MDS of the Footballoutsiders places Favre in the context of the game’s all time greats. What is more interesting than the exercise is the standards by which he does it.

Here’s a great video of Cutler and Shanahan talking about how great #18 is.

ESPN’s Scouts Inc. breaks down the Colts and Broncos:

Here are some numbers for you — 23, 449 and 6. Those represent the numbers Wayne has put up in terms of receptions, yards and touchdowns in the last three games these two teams met. It almost makes you feel like the Broncos went out and got Bly for the sole purpose of trying to slow Wayne down. WR Marvin Harrison will align on the right side over 90 percent of the time versus LCB Champ Bailey. That means it will be Bly versus Wayne on the other side and while Bailey has done his part, Denver has been at the mercy of Peyton Manning and Wayne.

23, 449, and 6? YIKES.

Eyes for you

September 28, 2007

I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning and spent most of that cooking meat Argentine style (don’t ask). I’m tired. Because of that here’s a few links and very little comment.

Eyes in the Backfield is up. This is our weekly pregame breakdown. If you aren’t a regular Eyes reader, check it out and be astonished at our analytical prowess.

From Phil Wilson’s blog, click here to vote for Dwight Freeney for the cover of a video game.

CHFF takes on the ‘Big Four’ of the NFL. If you can’t guess who they are, I’ll give you a hint. Two of them play in the Dome this weekend.

Whitlock thinks that three great games with good stats for Brady are more important than 10 years of great stats by Manning. Whatever. Once again, this will be settled on the field.

Finally, Messi rules.

Demond Sanders: I’m glad Whitlock brought this up because I was thinking about this very debate in the shower this morning. First let me say Whitlock is wrong a lot. I like the guy. He’s funny, but he has a tendency to throw things out there and see what sticks. That’s his job as a columnist.

Look, at least two of Brady’s scoring throws to Moss (against the Jets and Bills) have been the classic Randy Moss jump ball. Brady said himself after the win over Buffalo that he just throws it as high as he can to Moss. That doesn’t take very much skill on Brady’s part. You know how I know? Because media-scorned Daunte Culpepper did it successfully on a regular basis. People need to remember that Randy Moss helped Daunte Culpepper throw 39 touchdowns in a season in 2004. How much will it really prove if Brady puts up 40+ tds with the assistance of Moss?

I think Whitlock has a more valid argument about Moss’s legacy than Brady’s. However, I still don’t think you can take three good games for Moss and vault him over Don Hutson and Marvin Harrison. That’s a joke, but again it’s Whitlock’s job to make preposterous claims and hope one or two of them come true.

Patriots Underrated?

September 27, 2007

Jeffri “I spell my first name like a girl” Chadiha writes that the New England Patriots are underrated. Really? How is that even possible? All we’ve heard about this month is how the Pats are the best team in NFL history with no apparent flaws. The media started the undefeated talk in WEEK TWO for this Patriots team.

In fact Chadiha has four undefeated teams on the underrated list. I’ll buy that the Packers and Steelers are underrated perhaps because they are coming off down years. He claims the Colts are underrated too. I guess you could make that argument, but only because people like Chadiha were crazy enough to think the Colts would fade into the pack this year.

Giving the Zombie his due

September 26, 2007

For years now, I’ve been wearing the jersey of the Colts’ QB. My dad gave me a Jimmy Harbaugh jersey for Christmas one year, and I’ve worn his or #18 nearly every game day since. But when it came time to order sweet full on replica Super Bowl jerseys direct from China, I ordered #21. His body might not hold up long enough for him to make the Hall of Fame, but no fan of the Colts will ever forget what he did over the course of those 4 games last winter.

I don’t know how I missed this article, but thanks to Gordon 38 from for calling it to my attention. It’s a four pager about Bob and his badass upbringing and the man who helped make the Zombie into the man he is today. It is an absolute must read.

Demond Sanders: It is ironic that Bob “The Zombie” Sanders didn’t want to bend steel for a living because he impersonates Superman on a daily basis. Awesome article.

Back tracking

September 25, 2007

The plethora of “Oh wow. These Colts are better than last year!” articles continue. Whereas local guys from the Star weren’t really surprised, some of the national yahoos act shocked. Adam Schein of Foxsports isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed (watch one of his video pieces sometime…ouch), but he has had the good sense to retract his earlier feeling that the Colts would regress due to (snicker, snicker) losses on the defensive side of the ball.

In examining power rankings around the web, two things jump out. 1. Everyone knows that this season is about the Colts and Pats. and 2. most sites have ALL FOUR AFC South teams in the top 10 or so. Yeowch. It really is good to get those two road wins under our belt early…

Demond Sanders: It’s all happening just the way that Colts fans knew it would. It’s a funny thing about NFL analysts. You would think that the quality of coverage would be at its all time high based on the sheer number of people dedicated to breaking down the league. But instead quite the opposite is occurring. Sure, there are a few standout NFL writers like there always has been, but for the most part the coverage seems dumbed down. Like all the fake experts just go from website to website reading and recycling what other fake experts are saying.

Missing Mike Doss? Please this is the defending Super Bowl Champions we are talking about. I can understand if the national writers swing and miss on a perennially irrelevant team like the Jaguars or Lions, but this Colts team has been relevant for ten years now. So do a little research.

18 Plays: "It doesn’t suck"

September 25, 2007

It’s Tuesday, and that can only mean 18 Plays is ready for download. Once again, Demond and I take on the key plays from Sunday. We don’t just tackle the touchdowns, but incomplete passes, punts, and 3rd and 1 calls as well. You can find 18 Plays on Itunes, or download it from our Podcast archive page.

Last night a buddy of mine says, “Hey, my boss listens to your podcast!” I replied, “Awesome, what does he think?” He comes back with, “He says it doesn’t suck. He figured it would, but says it doesn’t.” There you have it. A ringing endorsement by the boss of a friend of mine.

We are pleased with the podcast to this point. Like many of you, I think that if we had the time and money to incorporate Bob Lamey’s audio calls, it would be incredible and elevate the program to a new level. Unfortunately, we are relegated to relying on our own wit and insight.

All Belichick’s Men

September 25, 2007

Gregg Easterbrook of TMQ is raising hell over the Pats scandal. In one of the most fascinating and well argued pieces of the year, Easterbrook continues to claim that all is not right with the Pats cheating scandal despite league claims that the issue is closed.

Among his claims:

*The NFL refuses to specifically deny that the Patriots cheated in their Super Bowl wins
*The NFL refuses to explain why all the evidence was destroyed when it posed no risk to keep it
*The Patriots delayed at least 5 days in turning over evidence to the league.

Also, check out Ask Vic today. Mark from Little Rock asks:

Do you get a sense the wheels are already in motion to work out a deal that gets Matt Jones out of Jacksonville via a trade?

Vic: No, I don’t think he’ll be traded.

Yeah, Mark! There’s a huge market out there for useless huge guys who can’t catch. Vic’s answer was his way of saying, NO MORON! He’s getting cut. Jags fans are stuuuuupid.